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Work Ethic: Detailing is 25% skill, 75% elbow grease ( Well, we try to clean out the grease). We believe there’s no substitution for hard work, and will stop at nothing to bring you the results you and your car deserve. Our team consists of career detailers who really just love to detail. Find us working late on a Friday night to get the job just right.

Patric Adams

Senior Engineer

Dilan Specter

Head Engineer

Mickle Osvald

Senior Planner

Tomas Baker

Junior Planner

Fred Windy

Lead Engineer

Norton Mendos

Project Manager

Donna Polson

Senior Project

Jenny Stenly

Middle Planner
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​Founded in 2007 by Chris Houston from Boise Idaho and Matthew Gibb in Australia, Indepth exists to provide true professional vehicle surface care enhancement and protection services to transform the appearance of vehicles and offering what the competition does not and can not.  
Our goal is to set a new standard of auto detailing in the industry by offering customers great value for money, super high quality workmanship by dedicated and passionate staff, the use of in house developed industry leading technology, providing unmatched customer service experience and a focus on building fantastic relationships with customers.


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